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Biosys 3011 – The End of World

BioSys-3011-End-of-WorldNew on  iOS and Android is  “BioSys 3011 – The End of World” which is a free to play, the sci-fi post-apocalyptic side scroll style game from Finger Fun Studios Ltd.

It´s a cool underwater fantasy run, jump and shoot adventure that includes a lot of action, future weapon technology, submarines and super suites.

Here is the Story:

In December 3011, after the world war ended, all the nations came together and decided to put a ban on all forms of nuclear technology, including energy. BIOSYS Corporation which is the sole producer and provider of energy for over a decade, signs another energy supply contract for South American states. As a result of this, BIOSYS Corp introduced a new energy source known as WHIGHT. This is the corporation’s most recent breakthrough technology in electricity and it is been extracted from the Earth’s core. Otherwise known as White light, WHIGHT is the most powerful and most recent form of electricity in the underwater world. Due to the impact of the World War, the world has become a field of ruins and another dangerous DNA mutating threat has been developed by BIOSYS Corp. This threat is known as the M5 virus.

The M5 virus is capable of infecting the DNA structure of organic organisms to mutate them into Strange and Very Deadly Monsters. These Monsters are rapidly increasing the mortality rate in the underwater world; this is because their DNA has been mutated to attack Mortals and any other form of life in the underwater world. This Life threatening M5 virus must be stopped and the world certainly needs a worthy hero to accomplish this mission and help save it from total destruction.

ALexa an underground researcher finds this out and sets out on a life threatening and adventurous mission to save the world by stopping the M5 Virus and destroying BIOSYS Corporation completely. Fully equipped with high tech weapons and artillery, Alexa fights through a series of obstacles and enemies in her mission to restore peace on earth and damn BIOSYS Corps to hell.

BIOSYS 3011- End of the world is an amazingly intriguing and exceptionally thrilling game, with an exceedingly unique storyline and features. The in-game features include;

  • High-end graphics
  • Really cool multi-level gameplay.
  • Thrilling Sounds and Music
  • Futuristic weapons, Super suites, Submarine and lots more.

All information to the story and the game video you find at

BIOSYS 3011- End of the World is available for free download in both the Apple and Android App store.